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How to make your own Banksy


Banksy HMV
1. Buy Materials (bought mine from the London Graphic Centre)

  • Card (350gsm) - get a couple of bits in case you mess up
  • White Spray Paint
  • Black acrylic paint
  • Scalpel & surgeons blade
  • Canvas

2. Find Banksy image on the web & touch it up in Photoshop

3. Print image onto card & cut out with scalpel. Take your time and be careful not to cut out any ‘islands’. You have your stencil!

4. Paint the whole of your canvas black

5. Spray! Don’t do this indoors as I did. It makes a right mess and stinks you’re whole house out. For best results also get some temporary adhesive. This will give you a sharper stencil.

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