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Crazy marketing ideas


Just found a little scrap of paper where I’d written a bunch of wacky marketing ideas when I was bored once at a conference. They’re kind of fun!
NB I take no responsibility if you do any of these (but I do want to see the photos!)

  • Host a gondola race down the Thames
  • Have a massive flag that you hang from all different sites around London
  • Give out free branded brolleys when raining
  • Have group of cheerleaders that perform around London
  • Challenge competitors to a duel
  • Wear hats that blow coloured bubbles
  • Create grassed areas and beaches
  • Change your name by deed pole
  • ‘Pimpup’ your car, house, hair, suit etc into something wildly extravagant
  • Fly the biggest kite ever in Hyde Park
  • World record juggle, unicycle, pogo hop, leapfrog
  • Hold a massive food fight where everyone is invited
  • Drive a tank in company colours
  • Hold a ferret race
  • Make a message using lights in disused buildings
  • Tattoo your head
  • Give out free t-shirts
  • Burn your logo into grass…
  • Die the river near Buckingham Palace company colours
  • Propose wild radical motions to MPs
  • Start the biggest cha-cha-cha
  • See how many people you can squeeze into a routemaster bus
  • Sponsor the colour of the ball for the football team
  • Dirt blast stencils
  • Fake Jimmy Saville’s death…
  • Cordon off competitors offices with ‘police line do not cross’ tape
  • Create the biggest easter egg hunt ever/ morriss dance

Have you got any crazy marketing ideas to share?

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“Crazy marketing ideas”

  1. On April 11th, 2008 at 4:29 pm Simon McManus Says:

    It would see the best way to get a BBC news reporter standing on the edge of your territory is to ban the BBC.

    Just an idea.

  2. On April 16th, 2008 at 5:13 am Melisa Sriwulandari Says:

    Dye all employees’ hair with company colours?

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